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Video Conversion: Digitising Archives

 |  Threemm Films Team

From Analog to Digital: The value of our analog past to comprehend and elevate our digital present and future through cost effective video conversion of archival footages.

The creative team here at Threemm films does not just understand the importance of archives but values the sentiments attached to it. No matter how complex the digitising/video conversion process may seem, there are always easier alternatives available. Threemm films as a production company has successfully procured a couple of projects in terms of the video conversion of analog footages such as; Mini DVs, Audio Cassettes and VHS Tapes for organisations and individuals. 

Threemm films as a production company has all the resources to retain the quality and carry out the video conversion of these footage. Our creative head, Ulasha Gurunvg is leading a non-fiction archive heritage research program for the British Council, Nepal in collaboration with the Film Development of Nepal. Hence, in terms of knowledge and contacts for archiving digitising/video conversion, we’ve got you professionally covered! 

The other aspect of archiving and digitising/video conversion that people tend to miss out on is the way these archives are used and can be made accessible to a general public, film students, journalists and any and all personnels in the film industry and the visual media sector for nuanced approaches to research and critical thinking. Archives hold endless possibilities especially in a country like ours where media and research students have very less access to materials from the past. The creative team at Threemm films understands this gap and is constantly working towards bridging it. We encourage people to let us help them in the preservation and digitisation/video conversion process of their archival materials whilst also opening up discussions regarding the importance archives in terms of knowledge dissemination and critical thinking.  

Threemm films worked closely with Triten Monastery to help them with the video conversion/digitisation of Mini DV, Audio Cassettes and VHS tape footages. These tremendously valuable footages were of a 90 year old Rinpoche. The Monastery wanted preserve and share the teachings of the this Rinpoche with a wider audience. The project was a grand success not just in terms of the quality of the footages but also the proficiency with which it was completed and the research that was carried out in order to procure the items used in the successful completion of this video conversion/digitisation project.

Threemm Films provides video conversion services to not just institutions but also to individuals who are looking to digitise their archival footages. We understand and value the emotions and sentiments attached to the archival materials. We follow a very cost effective method in archiving, preserving and digitising these footages in order to make our services accessible to all. Our team at Threemm Films also specialises in repairing damaged tapes and preserving them by cleaning and storing them in favourable environment. It is absolutely crucial for individuals working in the film and media sector of Nepal, the general public and institutions and organisations to understand the value that these archives hold to not just educate the future generation but also to understand our past better.

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