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Drone Permit in Nepal: Aerial Filming Permit Procurement

 |  Threemm Films Team

How to Apply for Drone Permit in Nepal?

Drone Permit in Nepal for aerial filming is  a complicated procedure that one needs to be absolutely thorough and well versed in. The team of experienced fixers at Threemm Films understand the client’s needs along with Nepal government’s requirements in terms of drone permit in Nepal. The government of Nepal has specifically passed a bill regarding the monitoring of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircrafts), hence, it is very important for international film crews travelling to Nepal to understand the importance of acquiring a Drone Permit in Nepal before any kind of aerial filming. The local producers that these international film crews hire here in Nepal should be able to brief the crew regarding the process of the procurement of Drone Permit in Nepal by sending them all the necessary documents that they need to fill out regarding the drone permit application for aerial filming. 

Keeping in mind the questions that our clients and collaborators may have regarding the procurement of Drone Permit in Nepal, the team at Threemm Films has come up with a list of important documents required in order to acquire Drone Permit In Nepal: 

  1. Specification of the Drone (Weight, Price, Distance, Frequency) 
  2. Any International Licence that has been acquired during or after the purchase of the Drone 
  3. Insurance Copy
  4. Serial Number 
  5. A Scanned Copy of the Passport of the Drone Owner 

Aerial Filming in National Parks: National Park Drone Permit in Nepal

The National Park Drone Permit in Nepal comes along with the National Park Filming Permit as a package deal. It costs $1500 for the National Park Permit and an additional 25% for the National Park Drone Permit in Nepal for Aerial Filming in the National Parks here. Some of the National Parks that usually provide/allow Drone Permits for Aerial Filming are: 

  1. Sagarmatha National Park
  2. Annapurna Conservation Area
  3. Chitwan National Park
  4. Makalu Barun National Park 
  5. Bardiya National Park 
  6. Langtang National Park 
  7. Khaptad National Park 
  8. Shey Phoksondo National Park 
  9. Rara National Park 
  10. Shuklaphanta National Park
  11. Banke National Park 
  12. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park 
  13. Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Threemm Films provides full fledged services in acquiring the General Drone Permit as well as the National Park Drone Permit in Nepal and also helps mediate/carry out negotiations between the liaison officer appointed while acquiring the drone permit in Nepal and the International Crew travelling to Nepal for Filming. At Threemm Films we believe that knowledge and professionalism can enrich the value of film production projects here in Nepal and add a greater merit to the Local Film Production Companies at large all the while making sure our International Clients get the best Filming experience!

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