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Permit Application

Threemm takes care of all the permit application requirements processing the documents through right channels and government agencies whilst also helping you prepare the documents required for the application. Getting beyond red tape is what we specialize in!


Equipment Rental

In collaboration with the largest production house and equipment rentals in Nepal, Threemm can arrange any film equipment available for rental in Nepal. We believe getting through customs can be easier while traveling light!


Media Production

Trust our dynamic and versatile team of Photographers & Videographers to help you with any kind of shoot. Whether it be Documentary Films, Fiction Films, Music Videos, Corporate Events, Promotional Videos, Product Photoshoots, Fashion fiascos- we got you creatively covered!


Post Production

Casting, Auditions, Local Crew, post production, etc. Threemm can arrange any necessary production support to filmmakers in Nepal. In collaboration with the best Production designers in Nepal, Threemm promises an invaluable experience related to production design, scheduling and crew management any and all kinds of films- short films, documentaries, TV commercials, feature films and the lost goes on.


Recce &
Location Scouting

Threemm is a one stop solution for location scouting, profile identification, and in depth planning for filmmakers planning to film in Nepal. Threemm strives to provide detailed reports on the requirements through location research, negotiation and confirmation of various activities to be planned and executed. This helps foriegn filmmakers plan their schedule with efficiency and affordability!



In partnership with the best Travel Agencies in Nepal, Threemm holds access to luxurious transportation with drivers and pilots well versed within the world of filmmaking. Whether it be up in the mountains or down in the plains, trust Threemm to manage transportation with the utmost proffesionalism to any desired destination.


Translation & Transcription

Here at Threemm, we do not just translate but interpret the very many different languages spoken in Nepal, providing the foreign filmmaker with cultural context and background. Our diverse team specializes in proper interpretation of local languages and helps the foreign crew build an in-depth understanding of the language and the culture that is attached to it.


Drone &
Aerial Filming

Applying for a permit for drones for aerial filming in Nepal can be overwhelming if not confusing but fret not since Threemm works with the best drone pilots and possesses updated knowledge regarding the UAV law, helping foreign filmmakers with the smooth execution of their project. Threemm can register the drone and get filming permits in no time!