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Looking for the Best Fixer in Nepal?

 |  Threemm Films Team

Choosing the right Fixer in Nepal is a decision that can turn the tide of your project!

Himalayan Fixer in Nepal

To find the perfect Fixer in Nepal for your production needs can sometimes be challenging! Due to the diverse geography and cultural demography of Nepal, it lends itself as an excellent Filming destination but oftentimes quite difficult to navigate. Keeping the context of Nepal in mind, fixers should not just be tourist and trekking guides but people who are well versed with the production aspects of any and all kinds of Film and Video Production.

Himalayan Fixer, Ashok Pahari, has shown his potential as one of the best Fixer to work with in Nepal. With more than a decade of experience in the Filming Sector, as a Film Fixer, Local Producer, Video Journalist, Translator and Production Manager for renowned Local and International Production Companies and Media Houses. 

With such experience comes skills and abilities to not just perform the task of a Fixer to perfection but to also identify and go beyond red tapes and connect with a network of trusted local fixers and journalists whenever the project demands. 

Fixer in Nepal
Fixer at work | Filming Location: Lalitpur, Nepal

There are several challenges while finding a reliable fixer in Nepal. While conducting any project in Nepal, it is critical to understand that Nepal is a diverse country with more than 120 different languages. Hence, the fluency in English language does not completely determine the credibility of a fixer since the 120 different languages require somebody who can convey the very many emotions attached to language itself. The International Production team needs to understand that not all fluent English speaking personnels will be able to provide context and interpret such diverse cultures. Hence, It is imperative to ask your Local Fixer questions regarding representation and knowledge related to language and cultural diversity. It is also very important for the International Production team to be aware of its Production needs and find a trusted Local Fixer to successfully complete the project. 

Another important challenge would be the production budget when it comes to filming in a country one hasn’t previously travelled to. The fixer in Nepal should be able to handle all the budgeting and costs related to Production and logistics. The International Filming Crew should be able to assess and analyse their budget and discuss it with their Fixer, with utmost transparency in order to avoid unforeseen costs which might impact the Production at large. Threemm Films Pvt. Ltd. stays updated regarding inflation and market rates and promises to get you the best rates possible after consulting their diverse network of fixers throughout Nepal. The responsibility of a fixer is not to just provide accurate rates but to cut down unnecessary expenses while keeping in mind that the success of the project is of utmost importance. We promise our clients honesty, transparency, accuracy and expertise and since communication is key, we don’t shy away from negotiations and questions regarding costs included in the quotations we provide our clients.

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