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Line Production in Nepal: Locals Save the Day!

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The history of Line Production in Nepal

Line Production in Nepal is devoid of a long history similar to the local production of fiction films, documentaries and music videos. It is said that line production began in Nepal with a Bollywood Film named Khuda Gawah in 1992. The Line Producer’s job isn’t just that of a fixer but also of a producer of a particular country that the film belongs to. The major skill of a line producer is to handle this kind of a relationship- they provide international crews with local locations, local crews, filming permits, local casting etc. A line producer is the international crew’s gateway into the local setting. 

In Kollywood, the Nepali Cinema, the line producer handles almost all aspects of production and is the producer of these films but due to the common misinterpretation of the term “producer” people in Nepal still associate the work that an investor does in a film to that of a producer. Commonly, the line production services include: 

  1. Permit Acquisition 
  2. Casting 
  3. Crew Management 
  4. Equipment Management 
  5. Logistics

As times are changing and as the world is becoming more dynamic, the value of a line producer within the filming sector has increased significantly. Hiring a line producer does not just save up time and money but it also provides accessibility along with accountability to the international crew. The international crew must also realise the importance of a line producer in terms of representation. 

Threemm consists of the best, most experienced line producers in the whole of Nepal lead by Himalayan Fixer, one of the founding members of Threemm Films. Our experience is dictated by the fact that we have undertaken film/video production projects in all of the diverse regions of Nepal, hence, we understand that filming in Nepal is very challenging. The three decades of experience that the line producers at Threemm hold have not just improved their tactical skills but they’ve also managed to form a network that has created a positive influence on Nepal’s film sector. Networking helps cross red tapes and that is the biggest challenge that a line producer tends to face! 

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