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Applying Visa for Filming in Nepal Post Pandemic?

COVID 19 has crippled the world. The unforeseen health crisis has become a massive concern for Nepal as well. The travel restrictions that have come about due to this crisis has created limitations for foriegn nationals traveling to Nepal in hopes of making films.. Although the government of Nepal has started allowing filmmakers to travel to Nepal, they must strictly follow the new rules and regulations put in place for everybody’s safety. 

Nepal grants visa on arrival which can be processed at the Department of Immigration desk at the airport. For the application process, the individual or crew needs to state the purpose of the visit. The filmmakers traveling need to provide a pre-acquired filming permit, accomodation details and a copy of travel insurance.

As for visa application in Nepal prior to arrival, the following documents need to be presented at the Embassy of Nepal or the Nepal Consulate office from the respective nation for the visa application process:

  1. PCR- Negative report or certificate; 72 hours prior to the flight
  2. Filming Permit issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Nepal
  3. Contract or Letter of Agreement between the foreign filmmaker and their  local coordinator in Nepal.
  4. Copy of Hotel Booking confirmation or any other provisional arrangements made for accommodation.
  5. Insurance Letter stating any or all policy coverage during travel.

Once the visa has been granted after application, the traveling crew or individual needs to take a PCR test in Nepal. Usually, the report arrives within a day. If the report shows Positive for Covid-19, the individual or crew needs to quarantine in a hotel room for two weeks and take another test while in quarantine. 

If the tests come negative on the first day of arrival, the crew or individual can proceed with the filming as per their respective shooting schedule.

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