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Smaragd Media

Three M. M. Pvt. Ltd.
Three M. M. Pvt. Ltd.

STIHL, one of the biggest chainsaw manufacturing companies with branches all over the world including Nepal is now conducting a museum project in Germany where they are showcasing 30+ documentary films from all over the world regarding forest and nature conservation. The community forest in Jalthal, Bhadrapur in Nepal is one of the beneficiaries supported by STIHL.

Smaragd Media was hired to produce these 30+ documentary films from all over the world including Nepal. Carlos Andreas Jorzick, the production head at Smaragd Media got in touch with Himalayan Fixer, Ashok Pahari, one of the founding members of threemm films Pvt. Ltd in order to take up the responsibility of a local fixer/coordinator from Nepal for the project. The production support led by Himalayan Fixer, backed up by threemm films was a grand success along with stories etched in the memories of each individual involved in the project.


18th May, 2022

End Date

22nd May, 2022

Works Carried Out

  • On Location Translation
  • Permit Application
  • Recce & Location Scouting
  • Accomodation
  • Production Support
  • Custom Clearance

  • Transportation
  • Fixer

Team Members

  • Gunther Willinger
    Forest Expert & Journalist
  • Andreas Carlos Jorczik
    Production Head
  • Ashok Pahari
    Local Producer
  • Bastian Vangierdegom
    Director & Drone Operator
  • Sascha L. Buma
    Cinematographer/ DOP
  • Florian Vangierdegom
  • Cornelius Benedict Eiler
    Location Sound Recordist


The primary goal of this documentary film project was to finalise a short documentary shoot regarding forest conservation under a limited time period. There were various challenges regarding the permit application, custom clearance, the unpredictable weather, Terai’s heat and the unforeseen territory that the community forest in Jalthal provided. Recce and location scouting and accommodation arrangements were all made well before the arrival of the crew. The value of recce and location scouting was felt and highly appreciated later during the one set of hte documentary film project.

Due to the transition from COVID 19 lockdown to now the new world and the subsequent shift to accessing the applications provided by the Ministry of Communication of Nepal, the Film Development Board of Nepal and Defence Ministry of Nepal digitally, there were newfound challenges discovered while acquiring the permits; namely, the drone permit and the filming permit. However, the experience that the fixers at threemm films have garnered over the years helped complete this process as swiftly as possible with little to no room for error. The time of acquiring the permit was also unaffected by the change in the filming permit process.

The arrival of the crew from Germany brought along challenges of custom clearance which needed to be dealt with swiftly as the time frame between the incoming and outgoing flights was rather short as the entire crew had to travel to Bhadrapur, Jhapa the same day they arrived at the airport in Kathmandu. Since Jhapa was an unknown territory even to the local producer, the decision to send the vehicles from Kathmandu to Jhapa was made keeping in mind reliability and time. The quantity of the equipment being carried by the crew and the versatility of a four wheel drive were all considered while selecting the vehicles.

The very first thing that the crew felt as soon as they landed at the airport in Bhadrapur was the heat. The crew voiced their concern regarding this. Hence, the local producer made sure to carry ice boxes at all times, plenty of water, air-conditioning in the vehicles and a fully air conditioned hotel.

The importance of a local producer in Nepal lies in the fact that the country is multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious. Hence, one of the services that a local producer/fixer at Threemm films provides is on location translation in order to bridge the gap between the foreign crew and the locals. It is not just about translating the words but also making the foreign crew understand the emotions behind those words and the culture at large.

The forest, to most of us, was very unknown, hence, dangerous but to the locals the forest was their source of food and income and a home where they were not afraid of uncertainties. It was, therefore, extremely important for the local producer from Threemm films to communicate this with the German crew. Being fluent in both English and Nepali was one of the main requirements of this project.


  • Carried out overall production design, schedules and transportation.

  • Acquired permit application swiftly and provided custom clearance dealing with all bureaucratic procedures.

  • Transportation for the entire crew from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and within Bhadrapur.
  • Recce and location scouting and accommodation arrangements done before the crew arrived.
  • Considered all safety measures for activities concerning the shoot along with carrying a first aid kit.
  • Provided Equipment Back up with 24/7 on location delivery.