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Hopes And Aspirations

Kathmandu University | LIKE Lab

Three M. M. Pvt. Ltd.
Three M. M. Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu University

LIKE is a social science lab focused on examining socio-economic and socio-political issues. LIKE, intensively engages in processes of learning, innovation, and exchanging knowledge. It crafts effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions to solve complex problems in the field of development. Kathmandu University’s project LIKE wanted to create a documentary video on hopes and aspirations of the children from the rural areas. They wanted the video to showcase the ground reality of the children belonging to the rural parts of Madhesh Pradesh. The project leader from LIKE, Dr. Binayak Krishna Thapa contacted Threemm to produce a video that was later screened at the LIKE International Conference.


13th September, 2023

End Date

30TH September, 2023

Works Carried Out

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Drone Operator

  • Local Producer

  • Recce & Location Scouting
  • Translation

  • Footage Logging

  • Aerial Filming

  • Transcribe

  • Footage Management

Team Members

  • Dr. Binayak Krishna Thapa

    Project Leader, Like Lab

  • Ashok Pahari

    Videographer, Drone Pilot

  • Ulasha Gurung

    Videographer, Photographer

  • Aswin Poudel

    Location Producer


The goal of the project was to travel to the southern rural part of Nepal to capture and film the hopes and aspirations of the children studying in the public schools of that region. The project was a last minute call but the team of Threemm without hesitation accepted it.

The plan was to travel to the two municipalities, Yamunamai and Durga Bhagwati and scout all the 28 schools in order to look for a character who would share her aspirations and give us an insight on their daily life at home. Language was the biggest challenge at that moment. However, the experience of the film professionals from Threemm Film Production company overcome any obstacles during the shoot.

The outcome was well appreciated by the Like Team and Project Leader. 

“Hopes and Aspirations” are resources for people living in poverty, and to struggle and better their life for higher well-being is where the role of education comes into play.” – Walker (2020)


  • Carried out overall production design, schedules and transportation.

  • Recce and location scouting and accommodation arrangements done before the crew arrived.
  • Considered all safety measures for activities concerning the shoot along with carrying a first aid kit.
  • Provided a drone pilot for aerial filming.

  • Provided all the necessary filming equipment.

  • Provided translation, transcribe, logging & footage management services.